Melissa Dosil is an English instructor and consultant with over 10 years of experience and a lifelong practitioner of good writing.  Her parents, immigrants from Spain who were not fluent in English, encouraged her voracious appetite for the humanities and literature by  indiscriminately reading as much as they could in an effort to assimilate quickly to American culture. Throughout her life, she has exhibited a propensity for the humanities and attended educational institutions aligned with her interests, from Mamie Fay’s Academy for the Gifted and Talented to Townsend Harris H.S. to The City University of New York – Brooklyn College. The name Corporate Wordsmiths was inspired by a childhood moniker she now wholly embraces: Wordsmith. When she’s not coaching clients or honing her craft, she enjoys digital photography, new recipes, hikes around Big Sur, FitBit challenges, and time with her husband, an engineer, and their son, a three-year-old rascal.