Month: March 2017

Want to Ace Your Next Performance Review? Own the Process.

Don’t wait for your company to adopt a progressive performance management system; make sure you are actively owning, participating in, and revolutionizing that process.  If you feel that you can finally get back to focusing on your real work now that performance review season is over, you’re mistaken. Your real work must include documenting and assessing your own performance throughout the year – before, during, and after each review or check-in. Don’t rely on your boss to keep track of your performance. Adobe also says this. To help employees effectively implement their new system, Adobe’s HR team created a...

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Why Investing in Employees’ Writing Is Critical for Companies

Whether you are a CEO, a director, a manager, a coordinator, or a security guard, you should take a moment to carefully think about your answers to the following questions. How often do you worry about crafting responses to colleagues’ emails? How long does it take you to write a short (five sentences or fewer) email?  Do you ask coworkers to clarify or expand upon their messages? Do you get caught up in seemingly endless email tag? Has a poorly written note led to a misunderstanding that required more time to rectify than you could spare? Have improperly written...

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